We make it easy to

Say Goodbye to Shaving

Licensed Medical Professionals

We employ more than 250 of the country's top licensed medical and nursing professionals. And all of our employees have had the treatment themselves.

No More Bumps, Stubble or Irritation

Most guests can stop shaving after the first treatment. Enjoy smoothness on any area of the body without the irritation waxing or shaving can cause.

In and Out the Door
in Under an Hour

Treatments average just 30 minutes for a visit. We know you don't want to spend any more time fighting problem hair than you already do!

Affordable Plans
for Any Budget

We work with any budget to make sure treatment is affordable. Not to mention, you may receive a lifetime membership for all of your
treated areas.

Like what you see?  

Free Consultation
We've performed over 3 million hair removal treatments.

"It's been five years since
I've shaved my legs."


"I've always been embarassed
about my hair issues."


"I don't have to worry about
shaving or bumps."


"The treatment worked
perfectly with no problems."


"I had shaving bumps
and it was a problem."


"I went to Ideal Image because
I've always had a problem."


"Every time I shaved it was
just a horrible ordeal."

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